The Ursa Group of companies bring a collection of diverse offerings to both commercial and governmental customers.  We are organized to take full advantage of specific customer and legal requirements, while also maintaining synergies and liability protections.  

The group is organized by offering, markets and legal standing. Drawing on cross-company synergies and common market based inputs, the group proves to be stronger than the constituent companies.


Ursa Systems

Ursa Systems was founded to provide international defense article and weapon system supply and support for USA and International Governmental customers. The organization has vendor contracts throughout most of the Eastern European State-owned defense manufacturer network, and has existing supply contracts with multiple Governmental agencies. Ursa is incorporated in the USA with import, export and brokerage authorizations from the USA Department of State, Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security.


Bruin Kinetics USA

Bruin is the Group’s commercially based munitions supply firm. Company founders have deep backgrounds in Munitions supply and remediation having provided the USA and Allied Nations munitions services for many years, to include Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and multiple African Governments. Bruin Kinetics provides commercial ammunition and munitions supply to authorized US commercial and Law Enforcement customers.


Artemis Capital Solutions

Artemis is a special purpose vehicle for funding angel and first round capital investments into early stage companies. Investment focus is in next-generation aviation concepts to include Advanced Air Mobility, Wing-in-Ground effect and last mile aviation delivery systems. Additional areas of interest include advanced chemistry design and mechanical system improvements.